A lot has happened since we returned from Mandalay in early 2019 and started planning ABB’s next projects. We were, and are, particularly excited about “Mapping the Wild,” a project we’ve launched in Point Reyes, California, that follows the lives of five threatened animals as they navigate their native environment. searching for food and shelter, avoiding predators, and finding mates.

Spring  2021 marks a full year since the outbreak of COVID-19, and people around the globe have been severely affected by this pandemic and much more.  In Myanmar, the coup in February that overthrew and imprisoned Aung San Su Kyi and members of her government has resulted in violent clashes between peaceful civilian protesters and the military. Meanwhile, the United States and many other countries have been severely affected by drought, forest fires, hurricanes, flooding, and civil unrest.

 We lament our inability to see friends and continue our collaborative projects in Myanmar.  However, we feel a great optimism with the election of our new president, Joseph Biden, and the availability of new vaccines that are beginning to successfully combat the coronavirus. We are presently spending time working in our studios, and are particularly excited that “Mapping the Wild,” which  had been put on hold, has been rescheduled for presentation in Spring 2023.

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